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We are proud of accompanying you towards aviation goals and also leading you to acquire practical knowledge in respect of all Pilot, Maintenance, Flight Attendant and Dispatcher licenses.

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Aviation Trial App is an accessible version for anytime and anywhere!.This application synchronized with Web Application.

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Aviation Trial desktop is our offline version and it just need internet connection for first activation.

Web Application

It consists of thousand questions for Pilots, Maintenances, Type Rating, Flight attendants, Dispatchers, etc. preparation exams.

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We provide apps for all personnel who encounter with aviation industry


Pilot section of the software is provided with the all relevant licenses among which PPL, CPL, IR, ATPL and also the most recent version of the tests involved in the JAA booklets along with the descriptive answers and pictures as well as the tests related to the different types like A320, A340, B737, MD, F100, etc.

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The tests of Civil Aviation Organization booklets in both mechanics and avionics is available in the software according to the latest modification of CAO.

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Type Rating

As accessing a comprehensive collection of type questions is one of the most important troubles of pilots and employed technicians, we decided to add a collection of the different type questions to the software.

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Flight Attendant

This section involves a collection of employed tests as well as the training center tests.

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In order to get familiar to dispatcher exam, the latest version of the training booklets is collected in the Aviation Trial so that the applicants can take part in the readiness exam using different platforms.

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